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Agorà Pharma is an innovative start-up engaged in the research and development of products for the pharma sector containing mainly pure cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD-LIKE active ingredients.

Agorà Pharma’s product innovation model is based on 2 synergistic principles:

  • ADVANCED DRUG DELIVERY TECHNOLOGIES: study, design and development of innovative formulations that can be used in the medical, cosmetic, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical fields
  • RESEARCH AND ASSOCIATION of synergistic active ingredients with pure CBD (CBD-like effect and cannabinoid-like action of non-cannabinoid active ingredients)


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant, devoid psychotropic action, currently considered the most promising cannabinoid from a pharmacological point of view, seen as the solid base for studies and publications in this regard.

CBD boasts a wide range of therapeutic applications thanks to its proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic and neuro-protective efficacy.


Pipeline Products

Agorà Pharma focuses on 2 core businesses, each one characterized by specific therapeutic areas:

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